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Clubhouse re-opening Wed 3rd June 10am

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Clubhouse re-opening Wed 3rd June 10am

We are excited to be reopening for you!

We can only do so following new operating guidelines and with your help adhering to them

BBGC Re-opening changes

To re-open BBGC must comply with a number of new protocols, most of which you would all be familiar with as part of daily changing lives in response to COVID-19.  Here is a summary of the changes that must be implemented at Your Club so we can re-open and stay open.  We ask you to read and adhere to these new procedures and together we can ensure that we stay open.

BBGC will be required to register our details with Service NSW and we have in place a Venue plan covering these and other required measures that will be in place.  Three key risks identified are outlined below as well as our changes.


Entrance will only be via the front door or side door near the sign-in desk – EVERYONE, please remember the THREE S’s

  1. SANITISE – there will be sanitiser at the sign-in desk and throughout the club, please avail yourself of this upon entry and at any time you want while visiting with us.
  2. SIGN-IN – use new pen/pencil and place in used pen container for staff to sanitise; as part of the reopening requirements for contact tracing we must record the details of ALL people that enter the clubhouse each day
  3. SYMPTOMS – if you are experiencing or displaying any symptoms (Fever/Chills, Cough, Difficulty Breathing, muscle pain or loss of taste/smell) – PLEASE do not enter the Club.

Exit – will be via the sliding door near the ATM

Changerooms and toilets will still be accessible from the outside until 5pm, however the clubhouse will not be accessible through the internal doors.  You will need to enter through one of the front entrance options.  At 5pm the external doors will be locked, the bathrooms cleaned and then the internal doors will be opened, allowing clubhouse patrons to use these facilities.


To re-open we must do our best to reduce commingling, so after you have signed in and sanitised, we request that one person approach the bar for drinks, while the remainder of the group find seating.  The re-open is contingent on reduced mingling, so please limit your interactions with others outside the group you enter with and please remain seated as much as possible. Group sizes are still limited to 10. MOST IMPORTANTLY – drinks are to be consumed ONLY WHILE SEATED. 

It is MANDATORY that all patrons observe social distancing from all service points.  There are marks on the floor that indicate where to queue.  We have placed furniture to support the required 4m2 our venue limitations are as follows:

  • Clubhouse 38 people
  • Restaurant rooms and deck 50 people
  • Lawn 50 people

As required, we will have a COVID MARSHALL on at all times, wearing a high-vis vest.  They will be responsible for ensuring hygiene practices are followed and that all patrons are abiding by operating procedures. 

CHILDREN as always are welcome at BBGC; however, they must be seated. If your children cannot remain seated, we will be asking you to leave, please note that the kid’s area will not be available for this period, we can provide paper and pencils for colouring if requested.


SANITISER will be available throughout the Club for patrons and staff to use as frequently as you wish

CLEANING – throughout the club will be ongoing, with cleaning checklists to be completed hourly and bathrooms more frequently. 

Keno and TAB  – will be available – please request tickets from the staff; TAB and gaming machines will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.

If you have any hygiene concerns, please raise the attention of our COVID Marshall