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Membership / October 2021 – September 2022


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Golfing Membership at Byron Bay Golf Club allows you access to:

  • unlimited social access to the Golf Course 7 days a week
  • unlimited access to our practice facilities at no cost
    • practice nets
    • practice range
    • 2 x practice greens (one with practice chipping)
  • provision of an official World Golf Handicap (which allows you to play at reduced rates at other courses around Australia when playing competition golf)
  • discounted green fees at other Northern Rivers Golf Courses (subject to individual Club pricing policies)
  • Insurances to cover any damage caused while golfing (to yourself and others)

All new member applications are presented to the board for approval at the monthly Board Meeting (last Monday of every month), at that time your membership card will be emailed to you, or available to be picked up from the Clubhouse.  Your welcome letter will include membership details, including log on information to our member portal.

  • Junior Member 15 - 17 y.o.

  • $ 105 /Year
  • We are an active kids provider – encouraging the younger generation to get into golf – Join now with your active kids voucher and membership is FREE – click the logo to find out how…..

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Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations and refunds will only be considered for financial members of the Club, retrospective requests may not be considered, all requests are subject to board approval


Cancellation and refunds, must be in writing to the Board of Directors

  1. Medical reasons
  • Supporting documentation required, including expected duration of inability to play (minimum 3 months)
  • Suspension of subs for the period in which the member cannot play – subs may be reduced by the value of this period in the following year
  • Cancellation of membership in the case of inability to return to play
    • In the case of death
      • Spouse may receive outstanding value on house account
      • Outstanding amount may be used toward wake, if held at BBGC.
      • Refund may be provided to spouse?
    • In the case of injury / disability
      • Refund of unused portion of year’s fees may be provided (not including unused house accounts)
  1. Absences other than medically supported (allowed once per 4 year period)
  • Non-medical suspensions be allowed at half price of the period requested, minimum 6 months (ie, for 6 month holiday suspension (or other reason)members may receive 3 months reduction in next years subs.


DIRECT DEBIT MEMBERS – only allowed for half price memberships and above)

Cancellation and refunds:

  1. Medical reasons
  • Supporting documentation required, including expected duration of inability to play (minimum 3 months)
  • Suspension of subs for the period in which the member cannot play – and resumption of direct debit when able to return to play.  When membership resumes a NEW 12 month continuous period begins
  • Immediate cancellation in the case of permanent inability to resume play
  1. Absences other than medically supported
  • non-medical suspensions be allowed at half price for the period requested (minimum of 6 months)


Direct debits bounce backs

Direct debits that bounce back will be charged an additional $3 per attempt to re-run.  Direct debits will be re-run twice, before the member is suspended and contacted for explanation / rectification of the situation.

Returned payments will be noted on the members profile, unrectified returned debits will be run for one additional month and at this point membership will be resigned and upfront payment will be required to reinstate membership.

In the case of re-commencing a membership – such declined direct debit members will only be allowed to rejoin as direct debit if they make up missed monthly payments.  Alternatively they can rejoin upfront and continue upfront membership going forward, direct debit will not be allowed until a complete year upfront is processed.

Other situations will be assessed on a case by case basis.