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Golf Course

Play on a stunning golf course in the Northern Rivers while being treated to breathtaking views.

Byron Bay Golf Course is surrounded by stunning countryside, including panoramic vistas of the Byron Bay hinterland and distant ocean glimpses.

The course is spread across acres of rolling terrain, which provides a challenging yet enjoyable layout for golfers wanting the best golf course on the Northern Rivers. It features well-maintained fairways, manicured greens, strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, adding an element of excitement and strategy to each round.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking for a challenging game or a beginner seeking a memorable golfing experience, Byron Bay Golf Course offers something for everyone. With its stunning natural surroundings, well-designed course and top-notch facilities, you can see why this golf course is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Out = 3,201m

BLACK: 400M / PAR 4

WHITE: 371M / PAR 4

RED: 344M / PAR 4


Rated number one for the men. A straight tee shot is critical as a hazard runs along the left of the fairway and out of bounds guards the practise fairway on the right. Club selection will depend on which tee box you hit from – the water straight ahead is reachable for the longer hitters. For your approach to the green missing to the right is safe.

BLACK: 358M / PAR 4

WHITE: 325M / PAR 4

RED: 276M / PAR 4


A shortish Par 4 but don’t let this fool you. The small green sits across the fairway, with water left. Hit for the middle of the green rather than at the flag.

BLACK: 330M / PAR 4

WHITE: 321M / PAR 4

RED: 313M / PAR 4


Like the 11th, don’t be fooled by the length here. You must hit the fairway – which tends to slope right. The green sits across the fairway in the reverse angle to the previous hole. Attempt to hit to the front third of this green.

BLACK: 383M / PAR 4

WHITE: 371M / PAR 4

RED: 379M / PAR 5


Straight Par 4 although balls will roll to the right of the fairway. The right rough is safe from the tee. A long green allows you to run your approach shot.

BLACK: 155M / PAR 3

WHITE: 139M / PAR 3

RED: 139M / PAR 3


A super Par 3 with water to the right, out of bounds left and a smallish green guarded by bunkers front right and back left. Avoid missing the green to the right – short left is the safe option. Club selection is vital here and be aware of the wind direction.

BLACK: 510M / PAR 5

WHITE: 481M / PAR 5

RED: 452M / PAR 5


A Par 5 with a lateral hazard down the right which is reachable from the tee, so aim for the mounds down the left side of the fairway. Then aim to the right of the fairway bunker so you can approach any pin position. A large green has bunkers in front, both left and right.

BLACK: 399M / PAR 4

WHITE: 384M / PAR 4

RED: 273M / PAR 4


From the back teeing ground this is a difficult hole. Longer hitters can cut off some of the corner to the left. Hit for the corner and then you have a shot to an elevated green. Club selection is vital and although the green is big it slopes back-to-front so take notice of the pin position.

BLACK: 180M / PAR 3

WHITE: 170M / PAR 3

RED: 161M / PAR 3


A not-so-short Par 3. Hit for the centre of the green. If the pin is tucked behind the bunker on the left, don’t let your ego get in the way!

BLACK: 486M / PAR 5

WHITE: 477M / PAR 5

RED: 390M / PAR 5


A generous driving hole with the trouble more at the green, this is a good but potentially frustrating hole. Your approach shot is to an elevated green, well-guarded by bunkers and with a natural slope from the right.

In = 3,102m

BLACK: 384M / PAR 4

WHITE: 370M / PAR 4

RED: 382M / PAR 5


The elevated tee allows you to see what is ahead. Avoid going left on your tee shot. Your approach shot is uphill and needs to hold the green – so careful club selection is needed.

BLACK: 347M / PAR 4

WHITE: 333M / PAR 4

RED: 331M / PAR 4


A dog-leg left with an extreme back-to-front sloping green. Your tee shot needs to find the corner and again avoid going left. The approach shot is uphill to a tricky green with bunkers at front left – take note of the pin position and try to stay below the hole.

BLACK: 152M / PAR 3

WHITE: 128M / PAR 3

RED: 132M / PAR 3


Short hole – but extremely challenging. There are no good spots if you miss the green, though short is best.

BLACK: 538M / PAR 5

WHITE: 493M / PAR 5

RED: 415M / PAR 5


This is our signature hole: a Par 5 tight driving hole from an elevated tee with views of the ocean. The key to making a score here is where to position yourself for your shot to the green. It’s a huge green with lots of undulations and virtually surrounded by water. It is also probably our quickest green!

BLACK: 477M / PAR 5

WHITE: 453M / PAR 5

RED: 401M / PAR 5


Back-to-back Par 5s and this hole is completely different to the one you just walked off. The fairway narrows as you progress towards the green which is small and narrow. Again try and keep your ball below the hole.

BLACK: 318M / PAR 4

WHITE: 319M / PAR 4

RED: 283M / PAR 4


Position off the tee is critical for this dog-leg left Par 4. Hit towards the red 100 metre marker and from there you can see the green. The long hitters (only!) may try to drive the green by cutting the corner over the Norfolk pines.

BLACK: 366M / PAR 4

WHITE: 363M / PAR 4

RED: 313M / PAR 4


A great driving hole with once again ocean views. Longer hitters may need to aim towards the left tree-line as the sloping fairway will bring the ball back to the middle.

BLACK: 160M / PAR 3

WHITE: 139M / PAR 3

RED: 134M / PAR 3


A good Par 3 guarded with bunkers on the right and grass hollows on the left. The green is deeper than you think.

BLACK: 360M / PAR 4

WHITE: 323M / PAR 4

RED: 315M / PAR 4


A super hole! A demanding tee shot with water to the right of the fairway so aim for the mounds. Your approach shot is uphill to a generous, but sloping, green. Careful club selection here as long is not good.

Our Sponsors

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued sponsors for their generous support and immense contribution towards our golf club. Your unwavering commitment has allowed us to offer an exceptional course to our players, and we truly appreciate your tremendous efforts in making this possible. View all our sponsors

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Bundjalung Country where we live, work and play and their continuing connection to land, water, sea and community. We pay respect to Australia’s First People, to their unique and diverse cultures, and to the Elders of Bundjalung Country, past present and emerging.


02 6685 6470

62 Broken Head Road
Byron Bay NSW 2481

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Directors / Management

President: Gary Charles

Captain: Stephen Anderson

Vice President: Paul Clark

Vice Captain: James Barnes

Directors: Gary Whitelock, Shane Wilson, Deb Stewart, Bruce Hammond, Peter Sinclair

Club Manager: Shaun Breheny

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