All Playing members of Byron Bay Golf Club have access to UNLIMITED FREE SOCIAL golf, with a nominal additional fee if you wish to play in competitions (about $13).  You can pay annually or monthly and we will also manage your handicap which allows you to play in competitions all over Australia. 

We also have other membership specials available, such as, Mates Rates (4 join for the price of 3), or Sons & Daughters Child joins for free with Mother or father

Full Membership Fees 2016/17(for the complete year)

Playing Member

$79 per month direct debit ($950 upfront)

Country Member $500.00
26 - 30y/o Member $39.50 per month on direct debit ($475 upfront)
80 - 84y/o Member $39.50 per month on direct debit ($475 upfront)
85+ Member $237.50
Colt Member (18-25 y/o) $300.00
Junior Member (15-17 y/o) $100.00
Cadet Member   
(8 - 14 y/o)

$60.00 for the 1st child
$40.00 for the 2nd child
$120.00 maximum for children of one family

Social Member $8.00 for 1 year / $14 for 3 years

 All fees are inclusive of GST

Colt Member: aged from 18-25 years
Junior Member: aged 15-17 years
Cadet Member: aged 5-14 years

(all ages are as at the 1st day of the membership year, ie 1st October) 

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